Equine Assisted Services

Through our Unmounted Equine Programs, we also support youth, families and military veterans who have been through tragic loss, high-conflict divorce, physical or mental abuse, suicide, PTSD, substance abuse and bullying.

Child and Adolescent Department at MHCGM

The Child and Adolescent Department at MHCGM offers family, individual and group therapy services. Additionally we provide case management and medication services. Our services are offered in the community, schools, home and office.

Refugee School Impact Program

This program provides academic and social adjustment support for refugee children entering and graduating from K-12 education.

In-Home Supports

For children who live at home with their family and are eligible on the In-Home Supports (IHS) waiver, we offer the following services: Enhanced personal care: includes assistance and skills training with daily living skills, such as communication, socialization, health and personal safety, physical functioning, community involvement and client-specific goals. Family Management: the Family Manager coordinates all aspects of an individual’s program, including service agreements, IHS services, quality assurance and program budgets, and is a family’s contact person within the program. Oversight is provided for many aspects of the individual’s program including but not limited to home and community safety, medical/health care, personal care, homemaking, financial management and community mobility. Consultative Services: may include evaluation, training, mentoring and special instruction to improve the ability of the service provider, family or other care-givers to understand and support the individual’s developmental, functional, communication, socialization and health and behavioral needs. Respite services: short-term temporary relief from care taking responsibilities for the family. Environmental Modifications: adaptations to the home environment to ensure access, health and safety, as well as adaptations to vehicles to ensure the child’s safety and access to the community.

Library Activities

Activities are exciting at the Manchester Library. Library staff provides program sin STEM, reading, book discussions, art clubs, college prep programs, teen program and adult programs. Please visit our website and our on line calendar for the most up to date activities. https://www.manchester.lib.nh.us/

Amiko Youth Program

The Amiko Youth Program is happy to welcome your family to our center! We are here to support your children with homework, making friends, learning English, having fun and growing into empowered young people. Your children will learn and work together with students from many different countries in an environment where all cultures are shared and celebrated. The Amiko Youth Program is open to all children ages 6-18. We specialize in offering after school and vacation programs to children who are newly arrived to the United States, or first generation American (born in the United States to immigrant/refugee parents).