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Founded in 1991 as Summerbridge, Breakthrough partners with The Derryfield School, Manchester Department of Education, and Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). Derryfield hosts the Breakthrough program on their campus providing generous in-kind support of benefits, facilities, and administrative needs, as well as legal counsel and governance. The School also serves as Breakthrough’s fiscal agent and we fall under their 501(c)(3) umbrella. A partnership agreement was formed with SNHU in 2016 to create our College-Bound program and provide continued support for Breakthrough students during high school years through college matriculation. The Breakthrough journey begins with the summer program for rising seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students. Students participate in 80 hours of challenging academic classes in math, science, writing, and literature. We provide seminars on financial literacy and nutrition to all of our students. Our college-age Teaching Fellows arrive with expertise in a wide variety of areas and we explore their passions to create extracurricular classes that further stretch our students. The BTM curriculum is rounded out with a talent show every week as well as many other opportunities to present in front of a large group. Over the course of the summer, students visit at least two college campuses and trips include cultural sites such as parks and museums. A Boston city visit and a minor league baseball game round out the summer! We also have our own version of BTM Olympics and a celebration of learning at the end of the summer where all our students and teachers participate. It is a celebration for the entire community after six weeks of rigorous work!

Our academically talented students are:

  • 65% students of color
  • 63% students qualifying for free or reduced lunch
  • 64% speaking a language other than English at home
  • 34% from a non-traditional head of household (single parent, grandparent, foster, etc.)
  • and 79% of our students WILL be the first in their families to attend a 4 year college!

Despite being bright and talented, our students are at risk for not continuing to college. The achievement gap between affluent and low-income students is striking: only 60% of America’s low-income youth graduate from high school, of those, only 1 in 3 enroll in college. Manchester’s dropout rates are nearly 3 times the New Hampshire average. BTM is instrumental in supporting these students, beginning in their developmentally critical middle school years and culminating in college matriculation. Students well-prepared to succeed in high school and college are more likely to break their cycle of poverty. The Census Bureau reports poverty by educational attainment. The poverty rate for 25+ was 12% in 2014. The poverty rate by work experience ranged from 5% for those with college degrees to 29% for those without high school diplomas. Education is an antidote to poverty. BTM makes education possible, cultivating skills for success that transform lives.

Boasts & Boosts
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    We feel so blessed! Raising our grandsons is wonderful, but they cost an arm and a leg. It has been so helpful to receive financial aid to send them to the Club. We are so grateful.

    - Club Grandparent (Boys & Girls Club of Manchester)

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    I can’t say enough how much I appreciate [the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester and] your program.

    - Club Parent (Boys & Girls Club of Manchester)

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    My daughter loves it here [at the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester]. I literally wouldn’t have an income [and be able to work] if it wasn’t for you. Thank you so much for all you do!

    - Club Parent (Boys & Girls Club of Manchester)

Resource Categories

Out of School Supports for All Ages

Out of School Programs

Out of School Programs serve children and families during the critical times when children are not in school.

Health and Mental Wellness

Health and Mental Health

Being healthy is so important to enable learning and building a positive and engaging community.

Guide Helping Student Navigate College and Career Options

College and Career

Manchester Proud is focused on creating dedicated supports and services to all students across the community, enabling them to make positive choices for career and college.

Growth Opportunities that Build Better Communities

Professional Development

Professional development provides ongoing education for our teachers, school leaders, staff, and the community at large. Ongoing education is important to continue to improve skills, and will in return help to support our students and families.

Basic Needs Volunteers

Basic Needs

Basic needs are defined as something that we must have in order to live. Recognizing that our students cannot thrive when they may be worried about basic necessities, this section provides resources across the community where essential services and supports can be found.

Early Childhood

Early Childhood

Early childhood education not only prepares our youngest students to be in school, but also supports the development of a child’s social and emotional skills.