Millyard Museum

The Manchester Historic Association is one of the city’s most dynamic institutions and a significant force in Manchester’s economic and cultural growth. The organization is active in the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and it collaborates with other nonprofit organizations in many ways. It is supported by its members and other donors in the community, and also by corporate, government and foundation grants. Education is one of our most important missions, and Manchester Proud is the type of organization that can only enhance our ability to fulfill that mission.

Programs are offered at the Millyard Museum at 200 Bedford Street and at the MHA Research Center at 129 Amherst Street. The MHA also offers walking tours of the city’s Millyard, historic neighborhoods and cemeteries.

Cidade de Manchester e Programa de Assistência Odontológica do Centro Médico Católico

O Departamento de Saúde da Cidade de Manchester e o Centro Médico Católico trabalham em conjunto com o Distrito Escolar de Manchester para oferecer atendimento odontológico a crianças carentes que frequentam as escolas de ensino fundamental, médio e médio de Manchester. O atendimento odontológico é fornecido na van odontológica da escola por um higienista dental certificado em saúde pública. Além do atendimento odontológico na escola, as crianças são encaminhadas a um centro odontológico comunitário para atendimento contínuo.