MY TURN Project Complete

MY TURN Project Complete is open to anyone attending Central, West, or Memorial who is in need of an alternative way to earn their secondary credential. HiSET instructors provide a combination of in-person classes and one-on-one tutoring to prepare students to successfully complete the HiSET battery.

In addition, students in our Project Complete programs receive a variety of services to meet their individual needs including career guidance, post-secondary planning, paid work-based learning opportunities, job placement assistance, and more.  

MY TURN – Diploma Plus Program – Central High School

MY TURN Diploma Plus Programs work with young people ages 14 to 21 who are at risk of dropping out of high school or need additional support to be successful.  We provide a variety of services to meet the individual needs of our students including academic instruction and tutoring, college and career exploration, college and industry tours, paid and unpaid work- based learning opportunities, assistance with barrier removal, and more. 


Academic support and tutoring, career exploration, dance and performing arts, soccer-fitness offered on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at Hillside Middle School.

New American Youth Mentoring & Cross Cultural Leadership Programming. INTRODUCTORY CLASS CROSS CULTURAL LEADERSHIP (CCL)

Take steps to build yourself up into the young leader we all know you can be.  Learn about yourself, about other people, adapt skills to understand various cultural identities and build up your communication and listening skills.  Learn the impact of stress on your mind and body. Learn how to deal with conflict management and how to provide and receive feedback.  Lastly the team will identify a leadership challenge plan and carry out how to solve this challenge within the community. 

Cidade de Manchester e Programa de Assistência Odontológica do Centro Médico Católico

O Departamento de Saúde da Cidade de Manchester e o Centro Médico Católico trabalham em conjunto com o Distrito Escolar de Manchester para oferecer atendimento odontológico a crianças carentes que frequentam as escolas de ensino fundamental, médio e médio de Manchester. O atendimento odontológico é fornecido na van odontológica da escola por um higienista dental certificado em saúde pública. Além do atendimento odontológico na escola, as crianças são encaminhadas a um centro odontológico comunitário para atendimento contínuo.

Access Academy

Access Academy is an on-campus & remote afterschool educational program for high school students who identify with groups often underrepresented in high school & college graduation. It offers multiple Mondays and Tuesdays courses taught by college students, that provide students with skills for school success, college mentors, career exploration & high school credits. Courses include Computer Technology, Arts, and Personal Finance. In Access, students gain friendships that fuel aspirations.

EQUIPE-SE Manchester

Construir uma ponte acadêmica entre escolas de segundo grau, empresas e faculdades em NH, a fim de preparar melhor os alunos para o sucesso na faculdade, expandindo o programa NH Scholars em todo o estado. Além disso, o GEAR UP Manchester oferecerá oportunidades para os alunos sub-representados desenvolverem habilidades não cognitivas essenciais para o acesso ao ensino superior. Para criar uma cultura de faculdade em NH, de modo que todos os alunos abracem a ideia de que a faculdade é possível. Projetar um modelo acadêmico que alinhe as expectativas de conteúdo acadêmico do ensino fundamental e médio e do ensino superior para aumentar as matrículas e preparação para a faculdade. Para desenvolver e manter um compromisso local e estadual de empresas, escolas de ensino médio, faculdades e pais para preparar os alunos da NH para a faculdade.