Child and Adolescent Department at MHCGM

The Child and Adolescent Department at MHCGM offers family, individual and group therapy services. Additionally we provide case management and medication services. Our services are offered in the community, schools, home and office.

The Manchester Community Schools Consortium

The Manchester Community Schools Consortium is a partnership between three lead agencies – the Manchester School District (MSD), Manchester Health Department (MHD), and Amoskeag Health–as well as multiple community partners. For more than six years, the Consortium has leveraged national and local resources to strengthen program efforts at five elementary schools—Beech Street. Gossler Park, Parker-Varney, Henry Wilson and Bakersville–within the most socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods in the city. The Consortium has been working to transform these schools into neighborhood hubs, strengthening linkages between the school and community to improve student achievement systematically, increase family and neighborhood engagement, and improve student behavior and youth development.

City of Manchester and Catholic Medical Center Dental Care Program

The City of Manchester Health Department and Catholic Medical Center work together with the Manchester School District to bring dental care to children in need attending Manchester elementary, middle and high schools. Dental care is provided on the dental van at the school by a Certified Public Health Dental Hygienist. In addition to school-based dental care, children are then referred to a community dental center for ongoing care.