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Expanding Horizons

To keep students in school, their social, economic, and family needs, as well as their academic needs must be met. They need the support and help of our whole community.

Charting a New Course Through Shared Partnerships

Manchester Proud is excited to be working with the Manchester School District (MSD) to amplify the impact of its ongoing work with Community Partners. Manchester is fortunate to have a robust network of partners who care deeply about MSD students and families.

Back in February 2020, the Manchester Board of School Committee (BOSC) approved a plan from Manchester Proud titled Our Community’s Plan for Manchester’s Future of Learning: Excellence and Equity for all Learners, which identified the need to take a more systematic approach to community partnerships. The resulting process aims to provide a clear, transparent pathway to becoming a community partner of the School District, and to then amplify the work of the partner so it’s broadly known across students, families, school staff, and the community-at-large.

Partnering with MSD connects new partners with the robust network already in place, and allows for networking and idea-sharing opportunities across the City. MSD also looks to community partners when it’s looking to solve complex issues, and on occasion will enter into grants or other funding opportunities should they be mutually beneficial.

The benefits of partnerships

Kids Playing Bridge the gap between school and educational opportunities for students.
Kids Soccer Contribute positively to children developing socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.
Parent Helping Child Help families and schools work effectively together.
group celebrating Be a part of encouraging economical vibrancy within the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Partners are there?

Types of Community Partnerships: (in order of vetting required)

  • In-School Partner: Programming available within the school property. Due to being onsite, this type of partnership requires Board of School Committee approval.
  • In-Community Partner: Programming available at partner site or location outside of school property. This type of partnership does not require Board of School Committee approval, just the Partnership Network Work Group.
  • Resource Provider: Provides necessary services and supports to families and staff, at a location outside of school property. This type of partnership does not require Board of School Committee approval, just the Partnership Network Work Group.
  • What if I fit multiple definitions? Partners are categorized by their highest level of partnership. For instance, if your agency hosts in-school programming and provides external resources, the agency would be considered an In-School Partner.

What is the process of becoming a partner of the Manchester School District (MSD)?

Perspective partners are asked to fill out the partner request form. If you have questions prior to filling out the form, you can email  

After filling out the form, the Community Partnerships Coordinator will review the provided information and reach out within 5-7 business days to schedule a meeting. The meeting’s purpose is to obtain necessary information about the proposed programming and/or resources, and map out how MSD and the partner can work effectively together.  

After all information is received, the Partnership Network Work Group will review the application to ensure there are no concerns. If the proposed programming takes place on school grounds, the Board of School Committee (BOSC) will need to vote on it.

What is Manchester Proud?

Manchester Proud is a city-wide, citizen-driven movement to lift Manchester’s public schools to ever greater levels of excellence. We believe that great public schools are essential to all of our futures and that the making of exceptional schools can only be accomplished by broad community engagement and support.

Working in close partnership with MSD leadership, teachers, staff, and Board of School Committee, Manchester Proud has facilitated the development of a visionary plan for the future of Manchester’s schools. More than 10,000 members of our community have come together to share their ideas, craft the plan, and support its implementation.  Learn more at

Strategic Partner Success Stories
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    Boys & Girls Club of Manchester strongly support the efforts of Manchester Proud. Manchester’s schools are our shared responsibility as a community. Manchester Proud is our city’s first truly community-wide movement to engage us all in creating a vision of what we want our kids to know and be able to do, then, guided by that vision, designing a plan for what our schools should be. We’re proud to be strong supporters!

    - Diane Fitzpatrick, CEO, Boys and Girls Club of Manchester

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    The success of Manchester’s youth is critical to the success of all facets of our city: from civic engagement to business to community safety and wellness. By coming together through vehicles like this portal, we are doing more than pooling information and resources. We are telling our kids and families that they are part of a community that is committed to working together for the betterment of all.

    - Meredith Young, Chief Impact Officer, Granite United Way

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    Members of the business community are eager to support and partner with Manchester Public Schools in a variety of ways that will enhance educational outcomes. The Manchester Proud Portal will provide local businesses with a central hub through which to establish and build partnerships that support our students and schools.

    - Mike Skelton, President & CEO, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce